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Wireless Technology and Blood

Always holding your phone? You may want to reconsider…

Blood is the most unique “organ” in the body and all physiological functions are totally dependent on the capability of this diverse fluid to carry out a number of functions. In optimal blood cell formations, the erythrocytes (red blood cells) are singular, free moving and often colliding with one another. Blood is responsible for the distribution and transport of oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body and to remove carbon dioxide from the cells and transport it back to the lungs.

Blood is also responsible for the transportation of nutrients, hormones and wastes, temperature control, pH, electrolyte balance and the immune system function of the white blood cell components. The ability of blood to carry out these functions is dependent upon a plethora of factors, however abnormal spatial orientations, rouleau (sticking together or “stacking” of erythrocytes) and erythrocyte aggregation (EA), significantly inhibit these functions.

Erythrocyte aggregation is the tendency of erythrocytes to form aggregates (clumps) whose shapes change according to normal variations or pathological conditions.

blood cells

Consequently, these anomalies cause changes to flow dynamics and predispose the cell to the inability to carry out transportation activities.

They also decrease functional capillary density (FCD) or decrease erythrocyte surface area, also decreasing functional efficiency. Functional capillary density (FCD) is the determination of the number of capillaries in an area that has erythrocyte flow and relates to the subsequent ability of the blood to deliver nutrients, fluid and solute exchange, and waste product excretion. Red blood cell aggregation has a significant impact on functional capillary density.

Live blood cell analysis using dark-field microscopy is a well documented method to demonstrate subtle effects that may be caused by nutritional deficiencies or environmental factors such as electromagnetic radiation.


It is now common knowledge that there are negative physiological effects of cell phone usage, and, as a matter of fact, the World Health Organization has listed it as a possible carcinogen.

Darkfield microscopy can be used to document the changes to blood such as erythrocyte aggregation and rouleau which are caused by the combination of factors related to electromagnetic radiation and cell phone usage.

By examining all live blood samples and comparing the control, and EMF (electromagnetic field) exposed samples to the standard accepted value for optimum appearance of blood samples via darkfield microscopy, one can see that the radiation effects from the combination of the cell phone, carrier wave and concomitantly transported information packets cause adverse effects to blood.

Wireless Internet Wifi Icon Concept

Since radiation effects were evident in the blood, the radiation effects by the EMFs to the entire organism must be considered to have occurred simultaneously.

Currently investigators have corroborated the previous epidemiological research, including the near decade-long thirteen-country Interphone study, and have identified an undeniable link between the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) and a diverse range of diseases such as cancer, leukemia, neurodegenerative disorders, impaired fertility and hormonal disruption.

With the inundation of our environment by several pervasive forms of wireless technology, investigators findings have been able to determine a relationship between radio frequency magnetic fields such as those generated by cell phones and their towers and disease related to documented genetic damage to peripheral blood lymphocytes, micronuclei , blood brain barrier (BBB) leakage and brain tumors.

A man with sleeping issue

Further research has implicated radio frequency radiation in causing sleep disorders and many other physiological anomalies.

Live blood cell analysis acts as a screening format for haematological status, which is representative of nutritional and environmental effects on the health of an individual. The procedure, using a darkfield microscope, is significantly different from standard microscopy. With this technique, light does not travel directly through the specimen, but comes in from the sides and only the light which is reflected by the specimen is viewed against a dark background creating a highly contrasted image.

Blood and our Organs

The relationship between function capillary density and erythrocyte aggregation has been established. Therefore one must consider the potential decrease in efficiency of blood to carry out the normal functions when under the influence of cell phone usage due to erythrocyte aggregation.

A functional magnetic resonance imaging study involving cell phone usage effects on cerebral-vascular blood flow demonstrated findings similar to the extrapolated findings of erythrocyte aggregation: decreased cerebral-vascular blood during cell phone usage.

The effects of RF radiation

The effects of RF radiation have been linked to many diseases and disorders and a relationship has been established to the potential for even greater physiological damage. One must assume that not only have there been changes to the live blood constituentsʼ spatial orientation, but that other effects and subsequent physiological implications and health risks that were not evaluated in the realm of this study were also affected. The significance of the change in any resultant parameter of an investigation yields a physiological indicator which can then be used merely to interpret the validity of whether or not a change has occurred.

The subsequent interpretation of the nature of this change, based on reproducibility will give us insights into the value of the phenomena.

Bearing in mind that researchers have not been able to determine the actual physiological mechanisms or incubation periods involved in the disease process for many cancers , and the fact that there is a documented relationship between cell phone usage and brain tumors , one must consider that the strategic functions of blood may play a probable cause in this relationship, especially if a dynamic change occurs under radio frequency radiation influence.

The interpretation of the darkfield microscopic evaluation imaging results demonstrated that cell phone usage (RFR) causes erythrocyte aggregation and rouleau effects to the blood samples of all subjects. Therefore has an effect on the functional capillary density and the overall health and well being of the individual.


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