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Three Simple Truths for a Healthy Life: Sunlight, Air and Water

The vital importance of sunlight cannot be overemphasized in any healthful approach to life. 

Ancient peoples revered the sun as life-giver and healer.  In current thinking, however, the sun is depicted as purely destructive and contributes to aging.

Yet there is another body of evidence that suggest the modern diet has actually created the negative conditions that sunlight only accelerates.  At the Institute we favor this latter opinion and advise moderate sun exposure, in the morning or evening, which helps healing by lowering blood pressure, establishing a better blood sugar balance, aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system. 

The absorption of vitamin D from the sun’s rays helps to build strong bones.

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Today there is increasing evidence that most incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes have a potentially harmful effect on the human system. 

Again there are measures we can take to alter these factors in our favor.  Science has recognized for some time that light and color affect our whole being.  One breakthrough in this type of research was made by F. Jacobsen, M.D. and Norman Rosenthal,  M.D. which they named “Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Use of Light as an Anti-Depressant”, conducted under the auspices of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. 

The original pioneer in this field was Dr. John Ott, who researched extensively the effects of artificial and natural light on the human system.

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Basically, he determined that a lack of sunlight (full spectrum light) in seasonal periods caused a wide range of mental and emotional problems.

From lethargy to full-blown depression – in a wide segment of the population. He further determined that the sun’s rays play a major role in the state of our physical health, especially the immune response.  The top echelon of science today is validating these conclusions. 

Rouleau is a complex modern malady found in the bloodstream of people who operate computers and video display terminals. 

Basically, this is a “bending” of the blood cells, causing the cells to coagulate and contort their shape, creating massive vulnerabilities and potential disease.  This condition is caused by the harmful light frequencies and electronic vibrations emitted from these terminals.  Also of serious concern here are possible links to eye problems, miscarriages and birth defects.  Swedish studies have reported significantly higher rates of birth defects in babies born to women who work regularly at video display terminals during their pregnancies.  The only antidote would be the use of full spectrum lighting, applied directly over the operator during terminal use and certain shielding materials covering the screen.  Television viewers should sit at least 6 feet away from the screen and even farther would be better.

There is a profusion of health complications brewing from modern inventions that we have not been alerted to as yet. 

Beside the evident fact that “winter blues” and seasonal ups-and-downs are universally felt, we have somehow neglected to understand the importance of all of the elements in nature.  When living in an inclement climate, one should rely on either full spectrum lighting or UV (ultra-violet frequencies included) lights which are less expensive.  These should be everywhere in your home; from the light next to your chair to those in your bathroom.  They are becoming more available all the time through health food stores and specialty outlets.  Contact the Institute for current information.

The quality of the air we breathe is of great importance to a healthy life. 

Proper breathing cannot be overemphasized.  While we can touch only superficially upon this serious subject, it is important to state how vital it is to breathe deeply in order to oxygenate the blood stream is one is to be truly healthy.  Most people simply do not breathe deeply enough.  The result of this is the bloodstream becomes oxygen deficient, leading to all types of physical and brain function problems.

One of the best ways to oxygenate the blood stream is through vigorous exercise.  That is why our exercise program is such an important part of our courses.  However, we do start out slowly because so many of our guests have not exercised regularly prior to visiting the Institute.  The benefits do accrue rather quickly though, and this is due to the greatly increased oxygenation.

The quality of the air in one’s environment is of equal importance, especially in view of the fact that the skin, the largest organ in the body, also absorbs oxygen.  Wearing synthetic clothing for extended periods may be quite harmful because the skin must breathe.  Regardless of where one lives, air pollution is becoming a serious problem.  Having a complete indoor garden of wheatgrass, tray-grown sprouts and houseplants, helps to oxygenate indoor air.  There are some quality air treatment systems on the market today that bear investigation.  We can provide information on these if you write to us.

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Pure water is another basic need. 

Water pollution has become a world-wide problem and we should take special precautions with the water we use.  While there are many sophisticated water filter and purifiers on the market today for drinking purposes, we recommend distilled water, either processed at home or purchased in glass containers.

There are so many dangerous substances in our water at this time that distillation seems to make the most sense.  Unlike some past thinking on this, distilled water does not leach minerals from the body.  Granted, distilled water is unstructured, which basically means its molecular structure is in need of “organizing” before the body can utilize it.  However, exposure to sunlight for ½ hour can change this.  Actually, on a living food diet, the most important source of structure, distilled water is in the food itself, the highest quality and greatest quantity being found in fruits.  One other choice is structured water which not only organizes the H2O molecules; it creates the strongest anti-oxidant effect in your cells fighting against disease.


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