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Practical Healthy Food

On your way to take a trip to the grocery store? Need some suggestions to inspire which produce to select? Here are a few Elements recommendations!

Avocado – contains a high amount of fruit oil. Fruit oil is a rare element giving high food energy value. Contains no starch, little sugar and very few carbohydrates, 14 minerals, all of which regulate body functions and stimulate growth.

Beets – high in vitamin A, good for the eliminative system and also digestive and lymphatic systems.

Broccoli – High in vitamin A and C. Low in calories. Best if eaten with proteins because the combination helps drive amino acids to the brain.

Carrots – the most neutral of all vegetables. So high in vitamin A it has been used extensively to improve eyesight and as a general body builder.

Cauliflower – a sulphur vegetable, is more easily digested than cabbage, but its high phosphorus content means it is gas-forming.

Celery – an alkaline, protective food, aids digestion, counteracts acidosis, halts fermentation and purifies the bloodstresm. It can help clear up high blood pressure. One of the best foods for keeping the body well, celery can be a brain tonic, and the sodium in it will neutralize acids in the body.

The leaves are rich in potassium, sodium and sulphur.

Corn – One of the easiest foods to digest and one of the best balanced starches. Yellow corn is high in magnesium, a wonderful bowel regulator, bone and muscle builder and an excellent food for brain and nervous system.

Sweet corn bowl

Cucumber – Alkaline, non- starchy, cooling effect on the blood. A wonderful digestive aid, purifying effect on the bowel and very beneficial to the skin.

Garlic – An internal antiseptic, it contains allylic sulfides, which work by waking enzymes that detoxify cancer-causing chemicals inside cells.

Greens – are the healers of the A body. They bring in chlorophyll, carotene and calcium, all important to the ‘ healing process

Kale – very high in calcium, vitamin A and iron. Builds strong teeth, and is beneficial to digestive and nervous systems.

Red Pepper – Peppers are classified as a protective food because they contain so many elements that build up resistance. Best eaten raw, they are very high in vitamin C. They contain vitamin A, which makes our tissues more resistant, especially to colds and catarrhal infections in the respiratory organs, sinuses, ears, bladder, skin and digestive tract and vitamin B, aids in food absorption and normalizes the brain and nervous system by increasing metabolic processes.

Seeds – Foods that have seeds are the greatest foods for us. Seeds are the glands of plants. Foods with seeds help nourish the glands, nerves and brain. Pumpkin seeds in the diet may actually prevent cancer in the prostate.

Snap Beans – Beans, especially green beans, are an alkaline vegetable. Beans are high in protein and essential on a vegetarian diet.

snap green beans

Spinach – an excellent source of vitamins C and A, and iron, contains about 40 percent potassium. It leaves an alkaline ash in the body. Good for lymphatic, urinary, and digestive systems.


Sprouts – very high in silicon. They come from seeds that contain all the elements necessary for life, and f when they first begin to sprout they are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prostaglandins.

Squash – all squashes are low in calories, high in fiber and easily digested . Great for the eliminative system, they produce absolutely no gas in the intestinal tract. Winter squash contains more vitamin A than summer squash.



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